Piezo Ceramic Elements

Piezo Ceramic Elements

Piezo element for buzzers Specification: Resonant frequency (KHz): 4.0±0.5 Resonant impedance (Ω): ≤400 Capacitance at 1KHz (pF): 20000±30% Metal plate diameter (mm) (D): (mm) φ27.0±0.2 Ceramic plate diameter (mm) (d): (mm) φ20.0±0.5 Total thickness (mm) (T): (mm) 0.46±0.05 Metal plate thickness...
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Piezo element for buzzers


Resonant frequency (KHz): 4.0±0.5 

Resonant impedance (Ω): ≤400 

Capacitance at 1KHz (pF): 20000±30% 

Metal plate diameter (mm) (D): (mm) φ27.0±0.2 

Ceramic plate diameter (mm) (d): (mm) φ20.0±0.5 

Total thickness (mm) (T): (mm) 0.46±0.05 

Metal plate thickness (mm) (t): (mm) 0.24±0.03 

Metal material: Brass 


Piezoelectric ceramic is part of the sound component, suitable for electronic products and small volume, electrical products, such as electronic watches, electronic thermometer, calculator, music card, remote control toys, watches, cameras, telephones, electronic toys, electronic music doorbell card, home appliances, alarm and reversing device all kinds of sound detection, automatic control system and all kinds of electronic products, warning alarm purposes, can also be used as acoustic sensor voice electronic products. 

Piezoelectric ceramic has the common type: thickness 0.4 mm, thin: thickness 0.2 mm, ultra-thin: thickness 0.1 mm. According to the different shapes, the buzzer can be divided into various special-shaped products, such as round, square, circular, feedback and so on. Our company has produced. It can satisfy the request of 500HZ-20KHZ with different frequency. The monthly supply of 5 million buzzers.

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