10mm Small Size Piezo Buzzer

10mm Small Size Piezo Buzzer

LPT1032W piezo buzzer, small size, low current, wire buzzer. the main application is Security, Beauty products, medical products
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Product Details

10mm small size piezo buzzer

Model: LPT1032W605-TA-03-3.4-12-R

Rated Voltage: 3 Vp-p

Operating Voltage: 1~25 Vp-p

Current Consumption: ≤3 mA

Capacitance: 12000±30% PF

Test distance: 10 cm

SPL ≥75 dB @10cm

Resonant Frequency: 3200±500 Hz

Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +70 ℃

Storage Temperature: -30 ~ +80 ℃

Weight: 0.3 g

Carton size: 37.5×23.5×31.5 cm

Quantity: 10000 pcs

Gross Weight: 5 Kg



*Value applying at rated voltage, 3.4KHz, 1/2 duty, square wave Test basic state: Temp(20±2℃), Humidity(40~70%RH), Air pressure(860~1060hPa).

Passive Piezo buzzer features:

  1. Cost lower than another Active piezo buzzer.

  2. Passive internal is not with the source of the shock, so if we directly use the DC signal is no way to make it make a sound, we have to use a 2K-5K square wave to drive it.

Piezo buzzer appearance is usually the circular structure, which is mainly composed of piezoelectric ceramics, leads and resonance chamber.

    Piezoceramic buzzer in the middle of the piezoelectric ceramic is mainly composed of metal plating, ceramic, glue and metal sheet.

    In fact, if we can from an electrical point of view, the piezoelectric ceramic can be simplified into a voltage source and a series model of the capacitor.