Ultrasonic Ceramic Piezo Transducer Atomizer 2.4MHz

- May 08, 2018-

Ultrasonic Ceramic Piezo Transducer Atomizer 2.4MHz

  • Model NO.: KS-20-2.4BU

  • Puffs: 50ml/Hours

  • Coils: Replaceable

  • Flavor: Aromatherapy Oil Atomizer

  • Type: Micropore Atomizer

  • Frequency: 2.4 MHz

  • Transport Package: Carton

  • Origin: China



Conventional atomization principle:

1. The basic principle:

Under the drive of the circuit, the atomization plate is converted from electrical energy into mechanical energy, and then the mechanical vibration is transmitted to the water. The surface of the water rises, and a partial pressure is formed locally, so that a vacuole or bubble is generated in the liquid. The bubbles are unstable. When they are suddenly closed, they will produce a strong shock wave. This kind of shock wave will repeatedly vibrate with the vibration frequency of the atomization sheet, so that a surface wave with a finite amplitude will be generated on the water surface, and the wave head will be scattered. Atomize the water.

2. Ultrasonic atomization requirements for water

The requirements for water: the water can not contain very long polymer molecular chains; the insoluble solid particles contained in the water is less than 1/10 of the median value of the droplets, and the concentration of solid particles should be controlled below 40%;

3. Water atomization requirements for ultrasonic sources

Requirements for ultrasonic sources: Water atomization requires an emission-type ultrasonic source; the frequency is within a certain range (needing for different purposes requires different frequencies); the acoustic wave frequency is less than the resonant frequency of the bubble;

4. Determinants of atomized particle size

The influencing factors are determined by the formula: D=0.34 (8πσ/ρfd) 1/3 (where D—the diameter of atomized water ions,; σ—the surface tension of water; ρ—the density of water; fd—excitation frequency).

The influencing factors are: water surface tension, water density, excitation frequency (frequency of atomization transducer)