Ultrasonic Atomization Humidification Nozzle Volume Small And Convenient Installation

- Oct 13, 2017-

Nowadays, the rapid development of agriculture, the birth of a lot of agricultural equipment production, can promote the rapid development of agriculture, in agricultural production is an essential device is industrial humidification atomizer nozzle

Humidification Ultrasonic atomizing Nozzle in soilless culture, fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping, flower planting, edible fungus production, the cultivation of tropical rain forest plants in the north, and poultry, livestock, insects and other aquaculture needs to be different degrees of humidification, before everyone is used in the traditional humidification method, to take a simple watering method, But it is difficult to achieve stable and constant humidity, long-term stability of humidification, leading to production, storage, reproduction and other affected by certain. As a result, Bo Mei companies use sophisticated ultrasound technology, according to the characteristics of agricultural production, the paper designs the ultrasonic humidity, humidification device, solves the problem of spray belt water, the problem of spray conveying and the poor stability of the equipment for a long time, and the wet ultrasonic atomizing nozzle makes the defects of the agricultural humidification work completely solved. There are several advantages of the ultrasonic atomization and wet nozzle.

1, spray particles fine; by the vibration of the ultrasonic wave will be crushed to produce atomization, the atomized particles produced less than 5 microns, and, spray particles small uniform, spray the atomized particles can be suspended in the air for a long time, convenient for plant, animal absorption

2, can be installed outside the Humidification site, through the pipeline to wet the place to be humidification, improve the ultrasonic atomization humidification Nozzle Working environment, improve the ultrasonic atomization humidification Nozzle service life, easy to control and maintenance.

3, low energy consumption; ultrasonic atomization humidification Nozzle Volume Compact convenient installation, spray out of the atomized particles per hour for hundreds of cubic meters of the first thousand cubic meters of the humidity needs, the highest relative humidity can reach more than 95%, power consumption for energy saving, can be multiple nozzle combination spray.

4, be able to do automatic control; all ultrasonic atomization and humidification nozzles can be combined to carry out humidity control, multiple combination timing control, single timing control or single humidity control, as long as the supply of water and electricity is ensured, the equipment can work continuously for a long time according to pre-set state. Applies to unattended working status.