How Does Piezo Igniters Work

- May 03, 2018-

Piezoelectric igniter works

In terms of energy conversion, the use of piezoelectric ceramics to convert external forces into electrical energy can create piezoelectric igniters, mobile X-ray power supplies, and cannonball detonation devices. The electronic lighter has a flint made of piezoelectric ceramics, and the number of ignitions can be over 1 million times. The use of piezoelectric ceramics to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic vibrations can be used to explore the location and shape of underwater fish stocks. 

Non-destructive testing of metals, ultrasonic cleaning, and ultrasonic medical treatment can also be used to make various ultrasonic cutters and welding devices. Iron, processing plastics and even metals.

Piezoelectric ceramics have sensitive properties that can convert extremely weak mechanical vibrations into electrical signals and can be used in sonar systems, meteorological detection, telemetry environmental protection, and household appliances. 

The earthquake was a devastating disaster, and the source of the earthquake began in the depths of the Earth's crust. It was difficult to predict before and it made humans fall into awkward situations. 

The sensitivity of piezoelectric ceramics to external forces makes it possible to sense even more than a dozen meters of flying insects' flapping wings disturbing the air. Using it to make piezoelectric seismographs can accurately measure the seismic intensity and indicate the orientation and distance of the earthquake. This can not be said that is a great merit of piezoelectric ceramics.

Piezoelectric ceramics produce a small amount of deformation under the action of an electric field, up to no more than one ten-millionth of its own size. Don't underestimate this tiny change. The precise control mechanism based on this principle, the piezoelectric actuator, is The control of precision instruments and machinery, microelectronics, and bioengineering are all good news.


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