High Strength, Small Thermal Deformation, Good Heat Resistance

- Oct 13, 2017-

From glass products production enterprises, to do a good job of glass products, four is the most critical, namely: "Stove, material, mold and machine", and the mold is the key to the link between the tooling, but all of the domestic mold factory is based on the basic requirements of the manufacturer of materials, processing molds. such as: heat-resistant cast iron mold. But the glass factory does not understand the mold used material component content to the glass product quality to bring the influence, only then has the question only then starts afresh examines the examination, takes afterwards remedial measure, also has brought the very big quality prestige crisis and the process cost loss to both sides.

Now the cast iron mould used in glassware factory is the most elementary molding mould, in order to reduce the cost only on the surface of electroplating treatment, that is not in line with environmental protection clean energy production, and can not fundamentally solve the product quality defects, leading to the use of excellent resources, production of poor waste glass products, which is the biggest waste of resources. and ordinary alloy steel materials are usually used only for containers, bottle-like glass mold, because of the heat conduction of steel in cast iron, so the use of overheating, resulting in adhesion phenomenon, must be forced cooling, reasonable design of the mold structure and other methods to solve, glass mold to withstand great pressure and high temperature, so The requirement of high strength, small thermal deformation and good heat resistance, the use of stainless steel and heat-resisting alloy is the best material choice.

From the glass material classification, there are mainly sodium calcium, high boron material, potassium barium crystal materials, and these three types of molds are also the most used glass materials. Different material property on the mold molding process, material, thickness, heat dissipation and other structures, requirements are also different. Stainless steel is a corrosion-resistant, high strength, small thermal expansion, good oxidation and toughness of materials, the British glass industry is very early used in the manufacture of punch, lining mold, and so on, if used for glassware glass molds and comprehensive promotion, to improve the molding machine speed and product surface finish most effective, and anti-oxidation, thermal conductivity, thermal stability and thermoplastic are very good, At the same time the mold is easy to repair, the product brightness quality is good.

How to let the glass factory recognize its performance, for upgrading and improving the glass industry product quality is an epoch-making starting point. In the foreign industry glassware factory 100% are using stainless steel or heat-resistant alloy steel molds, such as: Japan Shi; Austria; the Czech Republic; Indonesia; the United Kingdom; Germany; Italy; Malaysia and other glass enterprises are using stainless steel alloy mold material. I was also in the 93 Indonesian Ka Fung Group (kig) work, began intimate contact with the use of stainless steel glassware molds. One is the glass mold life is long, the second is the glass product surface brightness is high, three is the molding machine fast efficiency is high. In recent years, individual domestic glass factories are also trying to use stainless steel molds, but not a long-term use, the main reason is to consider the cost of investment, only to consider the cost of mold price of the economy, the second is not mastered the operation of hot process elements and materials on the process of data requirements, the third is in the heat balance technology concept of the blind spot, The quality level of the whole glassware is far from the world level.

To promote the use of stainless steel molds in a comprehensive way, may be difficult to implement, especially the adjustment and coordination of molding process data and the cost of tooling is not acceptable to every glass manufacturer. How to solve the stainless steel glass mold and glass material, the melting process of the problem, is a system engineering, the need for industry associations, mold enterprises or production pilot manufacturers to jointly promote, which requires a systematic training and practical cycle.