At The Same Time Has A Unique Humanistic Atmosphere, Natural Color

- Oct 13, 2017-

Because of its unique beauty, the glass curtain wall has been a very good decoration material for building facades. However, with the expansion of the scale of use, its security problems are gradually exposed. Light pollution, burst, fall off, glass curtain wall became the metropolis "time bomb", to People's life safety caused a great threat.

With the development of urbanization, there is an urgent need for an architectural exterior wall decoration material to replace the glass curtain wall. At this time, ceramic plate as the representative of the new generation of curtain wall materials emerged.

The most obvious advantage of ceramic plate is the green, energy-saving, it not only perfectly solves the problem of the safety hidden trouble of glass curtain wall, light pollution, blowout prevention, anti-sloughing, fire prevention, waterproof, and color rich, cost-effective, anti-seismic, acid and alkaline indicators are far better than glass curtain wall.

Ceramic plate has unparalleled advantages of other curtain wall materials, and its tendency to become an industry is beyond doubt. In the era of advocating environmental protection and safety, this will bring about the rise of a group of ceramic board manufacturers represented by Dongpeng. It can be foreseen that the future curtain wall material selection will be focused on the appearance of environmental change, the use of glass curtain wall gradually reduced, ceramic plate will become the city another beautiful scenery.

1. Characteristics of Ceramic Products:

Ceramic plate is a natural low quality clay or shale, a small amount of quartz sandstone and ceramic scrap as raw materials, the use of wet extrusion process production, through high-temperature firing finished ceramic products.

The product was originally used only for building roofing (sloping roof tile), with "energy-saving and environmental protection, Low-carbon economy" international trend, in the production process produced by "waste gas, waste residue, waste water, dust" Few, at the same time has a unique humanistic atmosphere, natural color, strong artistic beauty, etc., Gradually produce ceramic products that can be applied to the building curtain wall.