All Size Piezo Ceramic with P4, P5, P8 Materials

- Feb 27, 2018-

Piezoelectric Ceramic High Quality  Piezo Ceramics

We are professional Piezoelectric Ceramics Products manufacturer and factory! We can supply the products according to customer's drawings, samples, and performance requirement.

Types of Piezoceramics Material
Piezoelectric Ceramic Ring
Piezoelectric Ceramic Disc
Piezoelectric Ceramic Tube
Piezoelectric Ceramic Cylinder
Piezoelectric Ceramic Ball/Hemisphere
Piezoelectric Ceramic Square


the ultrasonic transducer
     Main Feature of the piezoelectric ceramic transducer :
   - Low noise operation
   - Small fog particles
   -  Long operation life
   -  High stability
   Our  piezoelectric ceramic transducer is used for
  - Humidifier
  - Beauty care for facial massager
  - Medical liquid atomizing
  - Equipment


Warm Tips: We can customize various piezoelectric ceramics as required.

Piezo Ceramic List