Piezo Mesh Disk

Piezo Mesh Disk

Piezo mesh disk Resonance frequency: 108.0±5.0kHz, Resonance impedance: 150Ωmax, Static capacitance: 3000pF±20% at 1.0kHz, Input voltage: 5~13VDC, Rated voltage: 70Vp-p max, Input power: 2.5W max. (Normal use 1.5W), Test environment: 23±3°C 40~70%RH, Storage temperature: -30°C~+80°C, Life time:...
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Piezo mesh disk

Resonance frequency: 108.0±5.0kHz, 

Resonance impedance: 150Ωmax, 

Static capacitance: 3000pF±20% at 1.0kHz, 

Input voltage: 5~13VDC, 

Rated voltage: 70Vp-p max, 

Input power: 2.5W max. (Normal use 1.5W), 

Test environment: 23±3°C 40~70%RH, 

Storage temperature: -30°C~+80°C, 

Life time: 2000hrs, 

Atomization amount: 50~100ml/hour


Piezo mesh disks are used in various types of USB mini humidifiers, beauty sprayers, medical micro atomizers, essential oil atomizers, and toys.

Our microporous atomization sheet is coated with a special glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic sheet, which is resistant to acid and alkali and prevents the silver layer from being oxidized by the liquid. It is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

The piezo mesh disk we produce is inspected by a complete quality monitoring system. Through a series of electrical performance tests, such as appearance inspection, flatness screening, capacitance, and frequency inspection, the entire process of the piezoelectric wafer is selected. The quality of the metal diaphragm is selected. The pore size, number of holes, and thickness of the stainless steel sheet are properly matched and glued together to ensure that the qualified rate of each batch of microporous atomization sheet is more than 99%.