piezoelectric effect of ultrasonic atomizing transducer

- Jan 17, 2018-

Piezoelectric ceramic is one of the more common terms used in the crystal industry, but many of my friends do not understand why it is called because all of our crystal types are piezoelectric and have their own piezoelectric function. 

Piezoelectric effect in ceramic products More common, especially the series of products ultrasonic atomizing transducer , in fact, the atomization film is not among the types of crystal among them, but they all have a piezoelectric effect, cannot be confused, the atomization film is only a ceramic piezoelectric components, Some people may be weird, why is it ceramic? The main source of work is the inside of the ceramic vibrating plate atomization film, in the high-end technology to the outside glass coating and ceramic glaze combined with the resulting piezoelectric effect of the atomized film .


There are several types of atomized films, a ceramic atomized film is one of our common, as well as ultrasonic atomization film, microporous atomization film, etc. Ultrasonic atomization film is mainly used in industrial products more, it Is the use of electronic high-frequency oscillation principle, through the center of high-frequency resonance, the liquid water structure of the vibration into a water spray, the formation of small drops of water in a high-pressure nozzle to spray out to form a fog. 

Quartz crystals are essentially the same in piezoelectricity, and they have two kinds of piezoelectric effect, positive piezoelectricity, and inverse piezoelectric effect.The positive piezoelectric effect is more obvious in the crystal, their crystal lattice structure is rather special, when they When a mechanical change occurs, the opposite two surfaces will show a different number of charges, the external force and the end face of the larger the performance of the charge will appear more. 

The end of the charge sign by the external force. At the same time reverse piezoelectric The effect is also a corresponding existence of a crystal, when the crystal itself through the current, if the crystal plus an alternating electric field, the piezoelectric crystal will alternately elongation and compression, and thus mechanical vibration occurs in ionic crystals, positive, Negative ions are regularly staggered configuration Into a crystalline lattice.

Thus the formation of the inherent torque, the surface of the crystal polarized charge, but also because the crystal exposed to the air, the oxygen through the air for a long time erosion, these charges will be landed on the crystal surface, the air Of the sign of the ion so that the electric charge on the surface and the torque will not appear, but when the crystal mechanical deformation occurs, the crystal lattice will change, so that the change of the electric potential changes, the value of the surface polarization charge also changes, so the crystal surface Positive or negative charge has a measurable increment, which is the piezoelectric effect.20mm1_7M尺寸.jpg