Piezoelectric ceramic Specifications

- Nov 18, 2017-

Piezoelectric ceramic Specifications:

1 ferroelectric ceramics
Heavy ferroelectric ceramics called ferroelectric ceramics. From the crystal structure, the crystals of the main crystal phase of ferroelectric ceramics having a perovskite structure, a tungsten bronze structure, a bismuth layer structure and pyrochlore structure.

2 antiferroeleCTRic ceramics
Antiferroelectric ceramic called antiferroelectric ceramics.

3 piezoelectric ceramics
Referred to as a piezoelectric ceramic, having a piezoelectric effect of the ceramic due to late after the polarization treatment the spontaneous polarization of the ferroelectric ceramics of randomly oriented, therefore, no piezoelectric. Polarization treatment to preferential orientation of spontaneous polarization along the direction of polarization. Withdrawing the electric field, the ceramic body remains a certain amount of the total residual polarization, so that the ceramic body has been piezoelectric, a piezoelectric ceramic. The directional crystallization in high-temperature high-temperature gradient field non-iron electrode glass-ceramics has piezoelectric properties.

4 barium titanate ceramics
Barium titanate ceramic is a ferroelectric ceramic having a typical perovskite structure. It is usually based on barium carbonate and titanium dioxide as the main raw material, and the previously synthesized and then sintered at high temperatures.

5 lead titanate ceramics
Lead titanate ceramic having a perovskite structure of the ferroelectric ceramic. It is usually previously synthesized by tetroxide lead {or lead oxide}, and titanium dioxide and a few additives and then sintered at high temperatures.

6 binary system ceramics
Binary system piezoelectric ceramics are two kinds of chemical formula ABO3 type structure of the chemical substance of the formation of the solid solution body which A representative of divalent of positive ions Pb2 +, Ba2 +, Mg2 +, Ca2 +, Sr2 +, etc., or a price of positive ions K + of Na + B represents a tetravalent positive ions Zr4 +, Ti4 + or pentavalent Nb5 +. The most common binary system piezoelectric ceramic is PbZrxTi {1-x} O3. Can be obtained by adjusting the molar ratio of the two ABO3-type structure, as well as substituted with elements and additives modified method, the material for a variety of different purposes.

7 Lead zirconate ceramic
Lead zirconate titanate ceramic is usually referred to as PZT ceramics, this piezoelectric ceramic is currently subject to a wide range of application. It is a solid solution of PbZrO3 and PbTiO3 body having a perovskite-type structure when the zirconium-titanium ratio is about 53/47 {i.e. the vicinity of the eutectic phase boundary}, having the strongest piezoelectric properties.

8 ternary system ceramics
The ternary ceramic is usually in and then adding a third {chemical formula ABO3 type} compounds and the formation of a ternary solid solution having a perovskite structure, lead zirconate titanate {PbZrO 3-PbTiO3} binary system. The third component of the increase, their common feature is in the incorporation of PbZrO3-PbTiO3 perovskite-type structure was formed after the solid solution does not change the entire lattice.