Low noise, large amount of atomized liquid

- Oct 13, 2017-

Whether it is medical nebulizer, or gradually popular domestic nebulizer, the current market brand, model many, a bit confusing feeling. Ultrasonic atomizer, air compression pump type atomizer and piezoelectric atomizer What is the difference between what is more suitable for children? Today I'm going to give you an introduction.

First we look at the old ultrasonic atomizer. It works just as well as the common humidifier in our home. Through the high-frequency resonance of the ultrasonic generator, the liquid water molecule is dispersed and the natural flowing mist is produced. The advantage is that the machine price is cheap, the noise is low, the atomized liquid quantity is big. However, because of its atomized liquid particle diameter is larger, not easily deposited into the lower respiratory tract, only suitable for the treatment of rhinitis, laryngitis and other upper respiratory diseases. For lower respiratory tract such as bronchitis, pneumonia, the effect is poor. Now is not the mainstream model on the market.

Compressed air atomizer, the use of the compressor through the filtered clean air compressed into a strong flow of air from the jet vent, the liquid in the cup of the impulse potion will vaporize its syrup, then spray out the mouth and nose by the outlet of the mist, because the medicine mist particles are tiny, easy to penetrate into the fine bronchus, the lungs, and the dosage is less, It is suitable for the human body to absorb directly and improve the curative effect. It is a purely physical way to gasification liquid medicine, will not change its drug, and drug utilization is high, almost no drug residue, can minimize the waste of drugs. The disadvantage is that after the start of the compressor work, the resulting noise is larger, small-age children first contact will produce fear. and the use of external power supply, large size, can not carry. At present, the city sells brands, the most models are also this kind of compressed air atomizer. Prices ranged from hundreds of to thousands of yuan.

Hand-held piezoelectric atomizer: its atomization part is by the ultrasonic transducer and a layer of fog mesh combination. The ultrasonic transducer can not guarantee the uniform diameter of atomized particles when converting the liquid into mist. Therefore, in the discharge of the fog part of the screen and a layer of mesh, the network on the regular distribution of the diameter of 3-5 microns, only a diameter of less than 3-5 microns of the fog-like particles can be discharged through the net, This will ensure that the atomization liquid reaches the lower respiratory tract and alveoli. Compared to the compression atomizer, hand-held piezoelectric atomizer smaller size, do not need external power supply, more convenient to carry. And it starts with little noise, and for babies who are afraid of noise, they can be treated with atomization when they are asleep. The disadvantage is that the price is higher and it is not as durable as the compression atomizer.

Because children's airway is narrower, atomization inhalation treatment requires inhalation of the atomized particles should be smaller diameter, spray rate is slow, spray quantity should be appropriate, can make the drug more fully to reach the deeper lower respiratory tract and alveoli, to avoid children cough, airway blockage. Therefore, compared to atomized particles with large diameter, spray volume of ultrasonic atomizer, compression atomizer and hand-held piezoelectric atomizer are suitable for children to use. Parents can choose according to their actual situation and children's acceptance of atomization. For small-age children, noise-phobic children, more suitable for piezoelectric atomizer. As long as the correct operation method is used, it is more safe to use.