Lightweight and safe, environmentally friendly, durable

- Oct 13, 2017-

As a new kind of material, ceramic sheet is widely used in the decoration of exterior wall, hospital, office and so on. What is the difference between a ceramic sheet wall and a traditional external wall? Is it heavier or lighter? Let's take a look.

1, the world's first "thin, light, large" inorganic ceramic sheet, not only adhering to the advantages of inorganic materials performance, but also abandoned stone, cement board, metal plate and other traditional inorganic materials thick, high carbon defects;

2, the material whole and its application system A1 Class Fire protection request, completely satisfies the increasingly strict design, the use fire protection request;

3, chemical glaze and natural minerals by 1200 degrees of high-temperature sintering, can achieve natural stone and other materials 95% simulation degree, good texture, rich color, no fade, no deformation;

4, the fracture modulus ≥50mpa, the destruction intensity ≥800n, the bibulous rate ≤ 0.5, each material performance far ultra traditional ceramics, the stone, the aluminum plastic board and so on material.

So it can be seen from here that the weight of the ceramic sheet wall is lighter than the traditional curtain wall and is safe, environmentally friendly and durable, and is a building material worthy of development research and long-term development.

From the construction process, ceramic curtain wall products are usually paved and dry hanging two ways. Anti-seismic fortification intensity is not greater than 8 degrees, paste height is not greater than 24 meters outside the wall surface and other finishes used is the wall wet hanging stickers, can be widely used in various public buildings, residential buildings. Wet-hung shop paste is a special adhesive, by the special construction team to pave. And more than 24 meters of various types of public buildings, residential buildings and high-rise, high-rise buildings of the curtain wall using dry hanging technology. Ceramic curtain wall dry hanging development to now have plug-type, slotted-type, back-plug type, insulation and decorative integration of four kinds. The bolt type has been eliminated because of the safety performance difference. Slotted type is divided into trough and back groove two ways, need to install keel, increase the building load. Back-bolt type is divided into back-tie dragon backbone hanging, back bolt without dragon backbone hanging and back bolts without keel hanging three kinds, is a relatively wide use of a dry hanging technology. Thermal insulation Decorative Wall is the latest technology of thin wall, the use of processed insulation decorative integrated product board, through special accessories and special bonded mortar directly to the finished plate fixed in the grass-roots wall, in the global enforcement of building energy-saving today, this installation way curtain wall is the trend.

Overall, the curtain wall industry development prospects are very considerable, especially the use of materials such as ceramic sheet. But if we want to achieve long-term development, we still need to study and delve into new technical essentials and strive to improve the development of curtain wall industry for the benefit of mankind.