Good mechanical properties and steady piezoelectric properties

- Oct 13, 2017-

Piezoelectric ceramics refers to the mixing of oxides (zirconia, lead oxide, titanium oxide, etc. high temperature sintering, solid opposite should be formed after the polycrystalline, and through the DC High-voltage polarization treatment so that its piezoelectric effect of the general designation of the Ferroelectric ceramics, is a mechanical energy and electrical energy Conversion of functional ceramic materials.

Because of its good mechanical properties and stable piezoelectric properties, piezoelectric ceramics has been widely used in sensors, ultrasonic transducers, micro-displacement devices and other electronic components, as an important material of force, heat, electricity and light sensitive function.

With the continuous research and improvement of materials technology, as well as the rapid development of electronic, information, aerospace and other High-tech fields, the production technology and application development of piezoelectric ceramics, as a new material containing high intelligence, is a hot topic of concern.

Piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric ceramics is a class of electronic ceramic materials with piezoelectric properties, the main difference from the typical piezoelectric quartz crystals that do not contain ferroelectric components is that the crystalline phase, which constitutes its main constituent, is a grain of ferroelectric nature.

The spontaneous polarization vectors of various ferroelectric grains are also chaotic orientations because ceramics are polycrystalline aggregates with random grain orientations. In order to make the ceramic can display the macroscopic piezoelectricity characteristic, after the piezoelectric ceramic is fired and the end face is complex electrode, it is placed under the strong DC electric field for polarization treatment, so that the original chaotic orientation of each spontaneous polarization vector along the direction of the electric field preferred by polarization treatment of piezoelectric ceramic, after the electric field is canceled, Will retain a certain amount of macro-residual polarization strength, so that ceramics have a certain piezoelectric properties.

Piezoelectric ceramic transformer is a new type of solid state electronic device, compared with the traditional electromagnetic transformer, it has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, large pressure-swing ratio, good stability, no electromagnetic interference and noise, high efficiency, large energy density, high safety, no winding, no combustion, no magnetic leakage and electromagnetic radiation pollution.