Ensure product quality

- Oct 13, 2017-

PTFE packing is a good dynamic sealing material made of PTFE resin and high temperature lubricant, it has good performance of low friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resisting, good sealing, no hydrolysis, no change of hardness. Because of its excellent sealing performance, and the installation and use of very convenient, become chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food and beverages, electronics, shops, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other industries an indispensable sealing material.

Glass fiber coated PTFE cloth is a glass fiber cloth for the substrate, impregnation PTFE dispersed liquid.

After impregnation of the fiberglass cloth surface, coated a thin layer of fluorine resin small particles, and then after drying, baking, sintering and other processes, will disperse liquid volatile leaves four fluorine particles, closely attached to the surface and pores of glass fiber cloth, become a dense continuous whole, to achieve the purpose of solid adhesion between fiberglass cloth and PTFE, and become a glass fiber substrate characteristics , but also has many excellent properties of fluorine plastics new materials. According to different needs, inorganic or organic fillers can be added in the dispersed solution to further improve their electrical properties, anti-aging properties and wear resistance, and add different pigments to increase their excellent decorative properties.

1. Raw Materials

(1) Teflon (P T F E) dispersing solution

PTFE is commonly known as plastic King, is one of the best varieties of plastic performance. It has excellent temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent insulation performance, Non-stick, non-toxic odorless, harmless to human body.

(2) glass fiber cloth coating products base material should have high temperature resistance and good tensile strength, glass fiber and natural fiber and chemical fibre compared with high strength, elongation small, good chemistry stability and other advantages, can make up for the shortage of PTFE, maintain dimensional stability.

2. Production process and key technology

The key technology of the process of glass fiber impregnated PTFE dispersions is the following three aspects: study on concentration, impregnation temperature and velocity of PTFE dispersing liquid

The concentration of PTFE dispersions directly affects the surface finish, flatness, thickness and resin content of the products. High concentration, the thickness of each impregnation after the large, the number of completed impregnation can be reduced accordingly; But once impregnation of four fluorine too thick, dry and easy to produce product surface cracking. In order to ensure the quality of products, the use of low concentration of dispersed liquid, after repeated impregnation is preferred.