Devices with special electro-acoustic function

- Oct 13, 2017-

When you're lighting a gas cooker or a water heater, there's a piezoelectric ceramic that has been quietly serving you once. Manufacturers in this type of piezoelectric ignition device, hid a piezoelectric ceramic, when the user presses the ignition device of the spring, the transmission device put pressure on the piezoelectric ceramic, so that it produces a very high voltage, and then the electricity to the gas export discharge, so, the gas is ignited by electric spark. This function of piezoelectric ceramics is called piezoelectric effect.

Piezoelectric materials can produce electric field due to mechanical deformation, and mechanical deformation can be produced by electric field, which makes piezoelectric materials widely used in engineering. For example, piezoelectric materials have been used to make intelligent structures, which, in addition to their own load-carrying capacity, have the functions of self-diagnosis, adaptability and self-healing, which play an important role in the design of aircraft in the future.

Piezoelectric material (piezoelectric material), a crystalline material that appears to be voltage between two surfaces when subjected to pressure. Using the characteristics of piezoelectric materials, mechanical vibration (sonic) and alternating current can be converted. Therefore, piezoelectric materials are widely used in sensor elements, such as seismic sensors, force, speed and acceleration of the measurement elements and electro-acoustic sensors.

Transducers are devices that turn mechanical vibrations into electrical signals or produce mechanical vibrations driven by an electric field, piezoelectric polymer electro-acoustic devices utilize the transverse piezoelectric effect of the polymer, while the transducer design utilizes the bending vibration of a polymer piezoelectric double chip or piezoelectric single crystal chip driven by an external electric field, using the above principle to produce an electro-acoustic device such as a microphone, Stereo headphones and high frequency speakers. At present, piezoelectric polymer electro-acoustic devices are mainly focused on the use of piezoelectric polymers, the development of other current technology is difficult to achieve, and has a special electro-acoustic function of devices, such as noise-resistant telephone, broadband ultrasonic signal transmission system.

The piezoelectric polymer underwater acoustic transducer was initially aimed at military applications, such as large area sensor array and monitoring system for underwater detection, and then the application field was gradually extended to geophysical detection, sonic testing equipment and so on. In order to meet the specific requirements of a variety of prototype underwater acoustic devices, the use of different types and shapes of piezoelectric polymer materials, such as thin slices, thin plates, laminations, cylinders and coaxial axes, so as to give full play to the high elasticity of piezoelectric polymers, low density, easy to prepare for large and small different sections of the components, and acoustic impedance and water quantity level of the same characteristics, The last feature is that the hydrophone prepared by piezoelectric polymers can be placed in the measured sound field to perceive the sound pressure in the sound field, and not to disturb the measured sound field because of its own existence. The high elasticity of the polymer can reduce the transient oscillation in the hydrophone, and further enhance the performance of the piezoelectric polymer hydrophone.