Design of Position Tracker Using Continuous Ultrasonic Wave and Its Application in Virtual Reality

- Mar 21, 2019-

HUA Hong, WANG Yong-tian, CHANG Hong
(Dept. of Opto-Electronics Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, P.O.Box 327,Beijing 100081,China)

  Abstract: Position tracker is one of the most critical input devices for human-machine interface utilities in virtual reality and other human-machine interaction systems. It determines the position and orientation of an object of interest (such as the user's head) and passes the information to the host computer in real time, which redraws the virtual world on the basis of the current visual point of the user. A dynamic position tracker based on the continuous amplitude-modulated ultrasonic wave is developed by means of the interferometric techniques. Its principles, technical implementation, and experimental results are discussed. A prototype virtual reality system using the ultrasonic position tracker as an input device is also constructed and presented in the paper.
  Keywords: position tracker; ultrasonic rangefinder; virtual reality system; virtual world