Ceramic Ring Glass Rings Durable

- Oct 13, 2017-

Recently saw the novice fish talk about the filter material when always referred to the ceramic ring, but also some friends said the glass ring, it may be that people think that the two are the same thing, just called different. And through the two "ring" to tell you, in fact, the glass ring and ceramic ring is actually different, their differences are still very large. Everyone looked at the following text after everyone as far as possible with the glass ring bar, the price is similar, but the effect is quite poor.

Glass ring in the industry called Precision Ceramics, the main component is alumina, followed by zirconia, magnesium oxide, beryllium oxide, oxidation thorium, uranium oxide and so on. Their sintering performance is good, the use of a wide range, the following is a reference to the professional information on a paragraph of the wavelength of less than 400nm light irradiation, valence band electrons are excited to lead bands, forming electrons and cavities, and O2 and $literal effects adsorbed on their surfaces, producing superoxide anion radicals, O2 and hydroxyl radicals oh, Its free radicals have strong oxidative decomposition ability, can destroy organic matter C chain,-key, N Jian, C-o Jian, o-h Kin,-health and kill bacteria, for air purification and water treatment has excellent effect, and has deodorant, suction adsorption, filtration function.

The quality of precision ceramics depends on the control of powder and sintering degree, from the naked eye, fine and smooth texture, smooth surface, color milk white for superior, (this kind of ceramic interior micro-hole, can see the description of the hole is not very precise.) ) The market on the six-corner is much better than the round.

Relatively speaking, ceramic rings durable glass ring, but the glass ring ring more easy to cultivate digestive bacteria, but the glass rings to use some of the better (A-Class), ph glass ring lower than the ceramic ring, the ph of the glass ring between 7.0-7.5, the ceramic ring around 7.5-8.0.

is currently the highest rate of use and penetration of biochemical filter materials, because the adoption of different raw materials fired, so there are different call, ceramic ring is a relatively early product, because of its effective, now gradually replaced by glass ring, now also extends out a lot of different varieties, ordinary glass ring, breathing glass ring, according to the size of the different, Also appears the big ring, the small ring, including the porcelain bead and so on, but the main principle is the same, is uses its special structure, the pore to parasitic more nitrifying bacteria. But does not have the physical filtration function, therefore must use in the filter cotton such material behind.

Glass ring to buy the surface of large pores, unit volume weight light, not easy to break, powder.

Glass ring does not need regular cleaning is also one of its major characteristics, cleaning the time do not all the cleaning, but to the partial component of the cleaning, so as to avoid excessive loss of nitrifying bacteria, and the water quality has too much fluctuation. Use the water in the cylinder when cleaning, do not flush with the running water, the life of the glass ring now there is a certain controversy, many people think that do not need to replace, in fact, this is wrong, the glass ring is mainly used to parasitic nitrifying bacteria, bacteria will gradually die, some of them will be washed away with the water, but there is still a part of it will remain on the Such years of accumulation, will cause the internal porosity is getting smaller and affect the number of nitrifying bacteria, reduce nitrification, according to their actual situation, generally 1-2-year replacement can be.