atomizer transducer for humidifier

- Nov 22, 2017-

Into the winter season, is the golden section of atomizer transducer sales season, why say so? Surely we all have feelings, the outside world of dry air and dusty environment, when the wind bleak, we are more likely to choose the frog-like hibernation, or stay in the air-conditioned room all day long. However, no matter how many skin care products we use, it is difficult to save the affected skin, while the atomizer transducer is the same as the magic wand.

       atomizer transducer consists of two kinds of objects, namely, piezoelectric ceramic film and metal film, but the metal film is generally welded on the edge of the piezoelectric ceramic film area, if the atomization film has had one side of the edge should be Have seen a hole in the central area of the metal diaphragm, commonly known as microporous area. Through the high-frequency resonance of the atomized sheet, the liquid water molecular structure is broken up to produce a natural and elegant water mist which is diffused out through the whole area without heating or adding chemical reagents. Known to this point engineers, the use of atomization film this advantage, developed a humidifier, such as air humidifier, beauty humidifier, YSB humidifier and so on a series.

atomizer transducer

In the scope of performance and use, is precisely divided into ceramic atomizer transducer and micro-atomized film these two categories. However, in the use of the above humidifier for the ceramic atomized tablets. Why is it used in the article said humidifier, ceramic atomizer transducer instead of micropore nebulized film it? In fact, this is the case, because the ceramic atomized film is the water into a huge bead-like, and then sprang in this mistakenly generated aerosol. After comparing several nebulized films, the material of the ceramic nebulized film is made of colored glass with a smooth and delicate appearance, so the maximal effect is that the acid and alkali proofing effect is very strong, strong and effective Great savings for major companies.

    Ceramic atomizer transducer as the same crystal, the crystal has a frequency aging, after the frequency of aging, the crystal of the road came to an end. The life of ceramic atomized tablets is generally about 5K hours or more, of which the most humidifier manufacturers music is, Ruoci ceramic atomized film damage, easier to change replacement. However, many manufacturers are not familiar with, if we use the right means to allow ceramic atomization film life extension. Then the method is as follows, its life is related to the quality of water used, if the accumulation of scale on the atomized piece, choose to use a soft cloth for cleaning. According to different types of water quality and use of the target before we know what kind of area with the atomization film. For example, hard water areas can be plated glass glaze atomization film, when the soft area selection, the opposite.

    Speaking of this, Jin Luo Xiaobian forgotten an important piece of information, which is the use of Te do not pay attention. Because atomization has the function of active maintenance of water shutoff, when the water level is lower than the water level switch, the atomizer will take the initiative to suspend things. When using the nebulizer, do not place your hand over the ceramic atomizer. Due to high-frequency vibration, the hand may feel tingling, but this is not an electric shock or leakage.