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PZT Electronic Ceramic Co.,Ltd is the expert of piezo ceramics, We are real manufacture with 20years experiences in this field. We can customized various piezoelectric ceramics, PZT ring, piezo disc, piezo plate, piezo cylinder, piezo unimorph, piezo bimorph, self drive piezo diaphram, external drive piezo diaphram, mist generation, piezo transducer atomizer, piezo microporous atomizer, ultrasonic transducer, piezoelectric transducer, etc….

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    • 41mm 40KHz Piezo Speaker

      41mm 40KHz Piezo Speaker

      41mm 40KHz Piezo Speaker Why Choose Us? Quality guarantee. All Piezo Speaker are shipped after full inspection. Competitive price. We are a manufacturer in the field for a long time. Fast delivery. We can many piezo speakers in stock, We will ship the piezo speakers as soon as you paid. Cheap...

    • Piezoelectric Sensor

      Piezoelectric Sensor

      Piezoelectric sensor electronic specifications: Piezoelectric sensor diamensions and directivity Piezoelectric sensor photo: Piezoelectric sensor application: Piezoelectric sensor Parking sensor works Car Reversing Aid Systems, the full name of "Reversing Collision Avoidance Radar,"...